The Machine

Modified Pitts S-1S built by
Stewart Aeroplane Factory

Jason currently flies a Pitts S-1S built by Stewart Aeroplane Factory of Godley, Texas. The aircraft has many modifications and deviations from a stock S-1S. Most notably are the modified ailerons, wing tips and an extended rudder length. The aircraft features an overhauled Ly-Con AEIO-360 engine rated at 245HP. Many internal modifications were also made to strengthen areas of the wings and fuselage. A complete listing of the aircraft modifications will be posted in the future. If you would like to learn more about the pilot of this machine click here.

  • 1150 lbs gross weight
  • 858 lbs empty weight
  • 17′ wing span
  • 16′ length
  • 6′ height
  • 180 mph top speed
  • Ly-Con AEIO-360-A1A, 245hp
  • Catto 3-blade propeller
  • Compass and map navigation

All static aircraft photos copyright Phil High

S-1S Side Profile

Jason Flood Pitts S-1SPitts Special Logo